Conquering Client Conflict

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Paying late, not responding to emails, arguing about art direction...

What do all of these infuriating freelancing situations have in common? 


You are the only one who can resolve these conflicts when they happen, and I can teach you how.

Who the hell am I, and why should you listen to me?

I'm Chris.  I’ve been building web sites since 1995 and web applications since 1999, successfully completing projects for business of every size – from Fortune 500s to non-profits to local mom-and-mop shops.

For the past 13 years, my workday is spent managing my custom web development consulting firm.  Day in and day out, I'm out here in the world of freelancing - just like you - and figuring out solutions to the various ways conflict can erupt during the course of a project.

So what's the point of the book?

As freelancers we face a lot of challenges, even on a good day. But when it comes to our clients, these challenges - being slow-paid, chiseled, schedule-jumped or argued with - can be truly infuriating. But

Based on my e-mail course that has helped hundreds of freelancers, Conquering Client Conflict is a 10-part training course, complete with case studies, that can help you resolve these conflicts when they happen - or avoid them before they do!

Get more respect. Make more money. Resolve client conflicts in your favor.

Buy your copy of Conquering Client Conflict today.

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Conquering Client Conflict

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